Tridimensional interactive / sound / image installation
scenocosme : Gregory Lasserre & Anais met den Ancxt

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Installation : Interactive and immersive space

SpherAleas is an immersive interactive installation made of a half-spherical structure and of an evolutionary device wich makes man, image ans sound interact thanks to digital tools. The machine becomes the creator's ally to produce pictural and sonorous shapes.

This space is ideal for collective performances; it accomodates in its center a constellation of visible shapes, spinning sound loops and luminous vibratory elements.
The dome-bubble hosts universes and objects endowed with life. They are articulated like subtle microcosms in conversation.

The visitor, actively engaged in this matrix space, creates sonorous and pictural interstices awakening his senses and opening unexpected territories to his imagination. Visitor-creator are offered ephemeral face to face and opportunities for dialogues.They are invited to share the vertigo of their imaginations. Each participant gives himself up to this sensitive complicity cradled by flows of random emotions, justifying its necessity by the sole intensity of the present meeting.

This original shared experiment becomes a poem of sensations: inside this womb-like space, sensitive perceptions are amplified, modified until a multitude of unexpected metaphorical worlds resonate. SpherAleas is a safe space of oneiric creation in which the public creates, handles, juxtaposes, superimposes sonorous, pictural shapes unstable and reactive.

Within this half-sphere, the spectator manipulates and influences the artwork. He is invited to create, to try out or feel pictural and sonorous structures reminiscent of the living world. Through his performance, the spectator develops a work made of hypnotic universes. He becomes creator and explorer of a microcosm born of sound and image samples.

The show is ever changing…

A scenography designed for total immersion of the spectator

Designed for real-time musical and visual interactions, the immersive space is a semi-transparent half-sphere, 2.50 meters-high (8.2 feet-high). This structure is used as a screen for wide-angle projection similar to that of planetariums.
Then the audience can be totally immersed in unreal and captivating atmospheres.

Speakers and amplifiers make possible games of spatialisation of sound. Inside the dome, the audience, seating or lying, can manipulate sensitive device and sensor sensors or simply daydream.
These manipulations are interpreted by the Aléas software which produces the sound and the 3D compositions. By mixing these image and sound structures, like an orchestra, spectators create symphonies to contemplate.

Aleas : virtual music software / instrument

Aléas arose from a reflection about how to materialise/draw sound with 3D images. It is a synthesis software, treating sounds and abstract images, able to create a dialogue with reality by using tactile sensors. It creates therefore an interactive, sensitive relationship with the audience.

It allows to create, modify, observe and manipulate moving 3D shapes. By manipulating the sensors, the spectator can continuously intervene on the whole structure by playing with the different variables: order, side-by-side positioning, overlapping, speed, rhythm, harmonic pitch…

By positioning new materials, users create sustained melodies made of rhythmic relationships animated by subtle temporal intervals. Each user appropriates the system by creating particular processes of repetitive polyphony where parts overlap then disappear into hypnotic swirls. The audience determines the future of the work by experimenting with infinite orchestrations. They control easily the melodie thus generated.

Differents sounds and images universes

From the beginning of Spheraleas, we are creating various sonorous and pictural oneiric universes. Thank's to public workshops, there were more and more universes. When we exhibit SherAleas, we propose to compose with this different kinds of universes.
Within the dome, we are guiding spectators easily in collective performances with this visual and sonorous microcosms. Spectators are interacting within this collective musical instrument. They are experimenting compositions which mixed repetitive and acousmatic music.