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Tridimensional interactive / sound / image installation
scenocosme : Gregory Lasserre & Anais met den Ancxt

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SphèrAléas is made of a half-spherical structure and of an evolutionary device wich makes man, image and sound interact thanks to digital tools. SphèrAléas is ideal for collective performances. It's a safe space of oneiric creations in which the public creates, handles, juxtaposes, superimposes sonorous, pictural shapes unstable and reactive.

Like for the learning of a musical instrument, people must take time to experiment it. Collectively, they must pay particular attention to compose a melody. Spectators are sitting around a hearth which is materialized by a hemispherical mirror. They can manipulate sensitive device in order to create visual and sonorous symphonies. By manipulating the sensors, the spectator-musician can continuously intervene on the whole structure by playing with the different variables: order, side-by-side positioning, overlapping, speed, rhythm, harmonic pitch… It is a kind of orchestra : there is a conductor who guides musicians, and coordinates the organization of visual and sonorous objects.

The scenography is designed for complete immersion of the spectator thanks to interactive sensors, a multipoint sound diffusion, a video projection system (180°), within a half spherical membranous architecture. This original shared experiment becomes a poem of sensations: inside this womb-like space, sensitive perceptions are amplified, modified until a multitude of unexpected metaphorical worlds resonate.

SpherAleas is made of a half-spherical structure and of an evolutionary device wich makes man, image ans sound interact thanks to digital tools. The machine becomes the creator’s ally to produce pictural and sonorous shapes.